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Indexing Title: BDEVEZA’s  Medical Anecdotal Report [05-1]

 MAR Title :  Home and Hospital

 Date of Medical Observation : January 2005

 Narration :

                When I started my residency training, I said to myself that some things would change and I have to make the necessary adjustments in order for me to cope with the daily challenges that would come my way.I know that residency takes a lot of one’s time and sometimes it suddenly changes the course of your plans. It happened when I came from a duty. It was almost 7 pm and I just came out from an operation. As I was heading home, all that I was thinking was to have a rest when I arrive. It took me an hour to reach home because of the traffic. When I arrived, I did the usual things. I changed my clothes, freshened up and took my dinner. After that, I went to my room and finally laid my tired body to bed. After about an hour of falling asleep, my mother went to my room and woke me up. I did not mind her. She kept on shaking my whole body but to no avail. I guess she was really decided to wake me up and so she held my ear and pinched it. Finally, she got what she wanted. I stood up and in an angry voice asked, “Bakit ba? Natutulog na and tao eh, ginising pa.Ano ba yun?” She was initially shocked but later replied, “Anak, ngayon yung schedule na dapat mong palitan yung catheter ng papa mo.” After a few minutes, I came to my senses. I went down and did what my mother told me. My father is a diabetic and at the same time suffers from BPH. He had problems urinating late last year and so his Urologist decided to put a cystostomy tube. Since then, as per his doctor’s instruction, I have to change the catheter every six weeks.

Insights ( Discovery, Stimulus, Reinforcements / (Physical, Psychosocial, Ethical) :

I came to realize that being a doctor is not confined in the walls of the hospital. After a days work, we may find ourselves still doing some medical work and this may extend even in the comfort of our own homes.We doctors have an oath that we would be of service to mankind. Considering our physical limitations, we must be ready if ever duty calls for us. And as professionals, we should do things expected of us.

 I would say that any doctor who undergoes a residency training program will consider the hospital his second home. But our OWN HOME is still what counts most. It is where the FAMILY is. There are times that we will be put into a situation where we have to choose between the two and its up to us to decide. On the lighter side, try to check the dictionary. I’m certain that HOME will come first than hospital.


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