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Indexing Title: BDEVEZA’s  Medical Anecdotal Report [05-05]

MAR Title :  Be Sensitive Enough

 Date of Medical Observation : January 2005

 Narration :

    I would say that duty in the emergency room is like a telenovela where the drama of life unfolds before your very eyes, day in and day out.

    As usual, the emergency room was filled with patients.A woman arrived, complaining and shouting on top of her voice. BF, a 45-year-old female, was bitten by her husband. I approached her and asked, “Ano po ba ang nangyari?” and she replied, “Nahuli ko yung asawa ko na may kasamang ibang babae. Walang hiya sila. Mga taksil!” I tried to pacify her but still she kept on by saying, “Mga hayop sila. Biruin mo doctor, inutusan pa nung babae ang asawa ko na bugbugin ako, kaya ito ang napala ko.” Luckily, she did not sustain any major injury. As she continue to tell her story, I noticed the tears from her eyes. At this time, she cooled down and sat in one corner. I approached her and talked to her. I’ve found out that this was not the first time this incident happened. Also, there were instances that her children were bitten.  During our conversation, she told me that she will file charges against her husband and his mistress. She asked for a medical certificate  which she will use. I left her for a while and from afar, I can still see the tears from her eyes. After some time, she approached me and said, “Salamat po doctor. Maski paano eh naihinga ko sa inyo ang sama ng loob ko.” I gave her the medical certificate and somehow, she felt relieved.

Insights ( Discovery, Stimulus, Reinforcement) / (Physical, Psychosocial, Ethical) :

As doctors, we should not only heal the physical illness of our patients but rather, we should also learn to heal that which is not seen. Sometimes, we are faced with situations that needs our comfort and assuring words. Sometimes, we need to listen to people because they need someone to talk to or simply, they want to be heard. It is important that we have that ability to be sensitive. Our patients are human beings and human beings have emotions. As doctors, we should always remember this because in the end, what matters is how we treat and deal with them.