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Indexing Title : BCDEVEZA’s Medical Anecdotal  Report [ 06 – 5 ]

MAR Title: My Father’s Turn

Date of Medical Observation: June 2, 2006



My father was diagnosed to have senile mature cataract on the right eye for almost 3 years. He was advised by his Ophthalmologist to have it removed. But at that time, he was undecided if he would undergo the operation. He was given enough time to think about it and his doctor re-assured him that it does not need any urgent attention.

Knowing my father, he is the type who hates going to the hospital and perhaps, seeing a doctor. As much as possible, he just wants staying at home.And true enough, he lost follow up with his Ophthalmologist.

Early last May, he talked to me and told me that he’s already having problems with his vision. And so I told him that it’s about time that he see his doctor again. I convinced him and explained the possible consequences. After a week, he went to his Ophthalmologist. At first, he was reluctant if he would agree with the operation. But after all the explanations and clarifications, he finally said  YES.

Last June 2, 2006, he underwent Extracapsular Cataract Extraction and Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens Implantation. Fortunately, I was allowed by the doctor to be his assist in the operation. It went smoothly and everything turned out to be fine.


Insights (Physical, Psychosocial, Ethical) (Discovery, Stimulus, Reinforcements):


Almost everyday in our lives, we deal with different kinds of patients. Patients whom we never saw until that time that they seek consult. But sometimes, we have to deal with people who are related to us, in one way or another. In both cases, we extend the best service that we can and if possible,  will give them all the things that they will need.

 My father just went through the experience of perhaps what we usually do. Having to undergo an operation and giving consent is not easy. Just like we always do, I talked to him about the procedure that he’s going to undergo.

I must admit that this time, it was HIS TURN to be a patient. It was his turn to be under the knife.And somehow, it was not easy for me. There were a lot of things going through my mind, just like when I’m doing an operation

But, I know that he was in good hands. I must say  that his  Ophthalmologist is one of the best around.


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