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Indexing Title: BCDEVEZA’s Medical Anecdotal  Report [ 06 – 9]

 MAR Title:  Realizing My Purpose in Being A Surgeon

 Date of Medical Observation:  October 2006

 Narration :

         It was a Sunday afternoon. I just finished hearing mass at our parish church. When I was about to exit  the gate, a boy approached me. “ Magandang hapon po,” he greeted me. I could recognize him but I can’t remember where we met. After a while, a woman followed. She was the mother of the boy who approached me. “ Natatandaan niyo po ba si Mico?”, she asked me. “Ipagpaumanhin niyo po pero hindi ko matandaan kung saan tayo nagkita,” I replied. After that, the boy interrupted and said, “Ako po yung inoperahan niyo sa appendicitis noong July. Sa dami ng pasyente niyo, maaaring hindi niyo na ko makilala.”  As we went on with our conversation, I started to remember that boy. And I learned that they live just a street away from ours. As we were to part ways, the mother told me that she knew of some of her neighbors whom I also operated on and they were very thankful that I was able to help them.


Insights (Physical, Psychosocial, Ethical) (Discovery, Stimulus, Reinforcements):

 “Live life to the fullest. Find your purpose and let it make you become the best person that you can be.”

            Perhaps this is one great lesson I learned from a monk that has greatly influenced me. Each of us is going through a journey in this life. Along with it, we find meaning why we are here. In order to find this meaning, we look for things that will complete our being human. In the process, we are able to find and realize our purpose. A purpose which can touch other people’s lives and perhaps make a difference.

            Finding one’s purpose may not be easy. It may take a while and can entail a lot of things. But what is important is that one must be able to realize it and make use of it for a common good.

  My being a Surgeon  and being able to help people in my community with surgical problems maybe my purpose in life. Somehow, that little boy helped me realize that.


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