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Post - training  Reflection


Benjamin C. Deveza, M.D.





          I started my residency training in General Surgery in Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center on January 1, 2005. It’s been almost a year and I must say that I have learned much when it comes to practicing the art of being a surgeon. It was difficult at first since I was the only one who remained in our group. But with the support I got from my chairman, consultants and co-residents, I was able to brave through all the trials that came. Now that I am given the chance to be in the next year level, I will work harder and show my worth in the department.





1. To reflect on how much I have imbibed the basic frameworks and core values expected of me as part of my learning objectives in the training program.

2. To formulate strategies for continual improvement on the basic frameworks and core values after graduation.

Results :

Basic Frameworks

Patient Management Process

I must say that this is the first time  I have encountered this process. It is simple but it gives an over-all picture of the things  I have to consider when diagnosing and managing a patient. It helped me  approach cases with more practicality and logic.

Operation – Surgery Process

            A common notion is that Surgeons just operate and operate. As I went through my training, I was taught that I should  have a sound judgment when not to and when to operate. Patients may have surgical problems but not all of them need to be placed under the knife.  A strong indication  is needed before we can open them.


Problem Based and Self Directed Learning Process

            Patients have different health needs and it is but prudent that we look at them accordingly in a manner which will benefit both the patient and physician. My stay with the department has helped me keep abreast with the recent innovations which somehow helped me in dealing with my patients. It helped me provide them with the utmost surgical care.

Physician – Teacher Process

            Physicians assume many roles and one of these is being an educator.  I constantly talk to people, people who have surgical problems. And it is my job to explain to them about their disease in a manner that they can easily understand it. It is important that I know the disease well so as to impart the correct information and avoid any misunderstanding.

Physician – Researcher Process

            Research is part of a physician’s life. It is through this that he keeps on finding new ways on improving the quality of life of patients. The paper I made during my first year somehow helped me realize one of the more common problems among Filipino women today – breast mass and I was able to use this when dealing with patients. Also, my paper gave me the chance to participate in a research contest. It gave me exposure and confidence.

Physician – Manager Process

            The above processes will somehow aid us in becoming  a good manager. Someone who is well rounded and has discipline towards his work. Ultimately, we can become leaders in our chosen field.

Community Surgical Health Management Process

            Our hospital caters to the less fortunate. People who can’t provide themselves with their helath needs. My department has shown me what is SERVICE is all about by providing quality  surgical care to those in need.  My department helped me develop SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS and RESPONSIBILITY.


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